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Authentic Indian Jewelry & Fine Collectibles

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Authentic Indian Jewelry and Fine Collectibles

At Arlene’s, you’ll find the best of what Tombstone has to offer. We specialize in delivering a carefully curated collection of unexpectedly unique items that will enhance your Tombstone experience and preserve your cherished memories.

Native American

Shop our collection of authentic
Native American jewelry, including pieces in the style of the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes. Fine and fashion jewelry is available to fit every budget.

Native American
& Regional Crafts

From the renowned Mata Ortiz pottery from Northern Mexico to Navajo artwork from right here in Arizona, you’ll find it all here at Arlene’s. Native American pottery, kachinas, and storytellers are just a few of our most popular items.


Our stores offer a wide selection of Southwestern gifts and home décor. Choose from our beautiful Southwestern sculptures, Native American sand paintings, framed artwork, & glasswork. We even carry accent furniture!

unexpected, unique and delightful gifts in tombstone, arizona since 1978

Founded in 1978, Arlene’s is a family-owned business and a proud member of the Tombstone, AZ community. We offer a vast selection of exquisite Native American jewelry, pottery, Indian blankets, home décor, and so much more. We specialize in offering unexpected and unique items at a fair and honest price point. Our commitment to excellent customer service is why many of our customers have been shopping with us for three generations! At Arlene’s, we strive to delight. Interested in getting 10% off your purchase today? Sign up for our newsletter!

Our Newest Items & Updates

Explore our blog for upcoming events at Arlene’s, as well as our latest activities around the Tombstone community. You can also get great tips on caring for your authentic Native American jewelry, pottery, and other items!

come for the gifts – stay for the fun!

We have three locations in Tombstone, Arizona – “The Town Too Tough To Die!” Tombstone is the last authentic western town in the United States. People flock here to experience the wild west as it used to be! Our location exudes the same authenticity and fun. Come experience everything Tombstone and our locations have to offer! 

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