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We can’t count the number of times travelers in Tombstone, AZ walk into the doors of Arlene’s and tell us they first visited us years or even decades ago. They found something unexpectedly delightful here—whether it was a piece of framed artwork, turquoise jewelry, or Native American pottery—that served as a lasting token of their precious memories of their trip to Tombstone. Whenever they return to Tombstone, our loyal customers often come back to Arlene’s because they know quality when they see it, and they enjoy sharing their unexpected finds with their loved ones.

At Arlene’s, we don’t rely on phony sales or gimmicks. We’ve been in business since 1978 thanks to our honesty, everyday fair pricing, and commitment to excellence in customer service. We invite you to browse some of our rave reviews below before stopping by our unique Tombstone shopping destination and browsing our authentic Native American jewelry.

One of our favorite stops when we head in to Tombstone from Oregon! Pleasure doing business with this knowledgeable, kind and fun group. They always have an incredible inventory and always look forward to this stop.

̶ P. Benavidez

Nice selection of jewelry, friendly staff. Thank you.

̶ R. McCann

Such an interesting collection of items. Really unique finds and beautiful pieces. Well priced. Will definitely return!

̶ K. Olsen

What a wonderful experience! My husband and I stopped by Tombstone and stumbled upon this great art gallery. My husband spotted a pretty cool grizzly bear head sculpture by Matt Buckley, but decided against buying it. A week later, he told me he regretted it. So I googled the gallery and called to make sure I got the right one and see if I can buy it over the phone and have it shipped as a surprise for him. The owner actually happened to live in my area in Tucson! Instead of making me pay shipping, he offered to meet me at a supermarket near me on his way from work to hand it to me. Had it the very same day I just happened to inquire about it! Excellent service. I looked up the sculpture online and was happy to also see the gallery did not overcharge me at all. I realized he's also the one that sold a belt to my husband at a different store (I guess he owns multiple businesses in Tombstone) and was very friendly, honest, and patient during our shopping experience, so not surprised he went out of his way for the sculpture! I actually replaced a figurine on top of our fireplace with the bear to see how long it'll take him to notice it. So far, he hasn't seen it at all.

̶ J. Shim

Awesome Indian items very friendly service

̶ G. Wright

Probably the only place i got excited. Lol they have a beautiful collection and friendly staff. It wasnt pricey and was able to buy a few items. I will definitely order for christmas presents!

̶ A. Christen

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