Why Arlene's

Preserving your treasured memories since 1978

At Arlene’s, we cherish our small part in preserving the heritage of the Old West and the culture of Native American tribes. We believe that every piece of turquoise jewelry, Native American pottery, and Native American artwork we sell embodies the spirit of the Old West. Even better, we know that our genuinely crafted products serve to enhance our customers’ visits to Tombstone. Customers often wander into our stores in search of that one special item that will serve as an enduring memento of their trip—and of their time spent in Tombstone with family and friends.

Enjoy the tombstone experience without breaking the bank

We are proud of the quality and authenticity of our Native American and Old West products. Every Native American item we sell is made using the tribe’s traditional methods as well as modern techniques. Yet, we adhere to our transparent and honest pricing policies. We offer quality-made goods at every price point—there’s something for everyone at Arlene’s. We never offer phony “flash” sales or gimmicky mark-downs because we believe in everyday fair pricing for our customers. At Arlene’s, you can enjoy the Tombstone shopping experience no matter what your budget is.
beautiful native American rings
Arlenes owner assisting a customer with excellent service
Arlenes employee assisting customers in store

Our Customer service solutions

Our commitment to customer service excellence is evident in our generous store policies. Please review the following:
If you have a problem with your item after the return period has expired, please get back in touch with us. We are committed to finding a favorable resolution because we value our customers and our reputation.

But what happens if my native american jewelry gets damaged?

It’s often thought that if you purchase a piece of Native American jewelry that later sustains damage there are few options for recourse beyond returning or exchanging it. Yet at Arlene’s, we have a reputation for working with our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. We will happily arrange to have repaired any damaged jewelry that is purchased from us—no matter when it was purchased. Please review the following policies:
Native American jewelry repairs may take three to eight weeks. We recommend shipping your jewelry back to us with tracking and insurance.




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